What's New at BayFolk, The Bay Area Folk Dance Directory

In addition to continuous updates to the calendar and directory, here are some other upgrades to this site to make it more useful to you.


October 15: Bayfolk’s home for most of its life, GeoCities, is closing down on 26 October, so the old GeoCities addresses will be invalid. However, BayFolk will continue and still be accessible as www.bayfolk.com. Everything is being transferred to a new hosting service. However, each file has to be adjusted, so things will take a while. Please be patient as pages are being added to the site as quickly as is possible. Please feel free to report any broken links or other glitches to me at paulbourbin@hotmail.com.


November 1: BayFolk was created back in the days when people were still using text-only browsers and, if one wanted a website, one had to write his own code. Hence the layout and much of the code in the older pages of the site are a bit archaic. Mark Bourbin, son of ye olde Webmaster, who designs and maintains websites for a living, has offered to update this site to more recent protocols. You will see gradual changes, which should make the site nicer to use yet not be so radical as to make the site unfamiliar. There should be no broken links etc., but if you should have a problem, please notify the webmaster at paulbourbin@hotmail.com.


August 1: The BayFolk listserve has been taken out of service due to an increase in fees required by Listbot.

May 1: BayFolk has its own domain. You can now reach BayFolk via the following URL: http://www.bayfolk.com.


October 14: BayFolk can also be reached at the following (somewhat shorter) URL: http://www.geocities.com/bayfolk. This URL will work in addition to the URL listed in the October 1 listing below. Both are identical. The above, shorter URL will be used for publicity, flyers etc. Thanks to our three official beta testers, Asha Goldberg, Joyce Clyde and Ed Hughot, BayFolk seems to be running just fine. Please send suggestions, or bug reports to Ye Olde Webmaster.

October 1: BayFolk has been moved to /home.html. Please visit and bookmark the new location. The old location will continue to function as long as Delphi lasts.

September 22: Congratulations to our "Name this Website" winner, Linda Cain. Her entry, "BayFolk" has become the official name for The Bay Area Folk Dance Directory. She won two tickets to any event at Ashkenaz. Second place winner is Don Megargel, who won a certificate for two to any event at the Slavonic Cultural Center. Third place winner is Asha Goldberg, who won tickets for two to any event at the Mandala.

September: Delphi will no longer support Websites after 31 October. Therefore, this Website is in the process of being moved to another location. Please check this page regularly for details. Both this location and the new location will function during the transition period. This Delphi location will continue until Delphi shuts it down, sometime after 1 November. Please check here for the announcement of the new location and bookmark it so you will not loose access to BayFolk.

July 14 - We have made a WebPage for the Kolev's and their tour this Fall. This page has pictures of the members of the band, sound clips, bios and a schedule of their Northern California appearances. The page can be accessed from the music clips section of the Home page, from the October calendar page or you can CLICK HERE.

June 7 - Music excerpts from the Kolev Band's CD, Shiroka Laka Pee, are now accessible from the Home page.

May 4 - To facilitate you in providing information for directory and Calendar listings, we now have an online entry form. You will find a link to it on the Home page. Just fill out the appropriate blanks concerning you, your group, band, venue or upcoming event and click on the "Submit" button. To reach the form, CLICK HERE.

April 27 - Participate in our "Name This Website" Contest and win one of three fabulous prizes! The Deadline is 1 June so to enter now, CLICK HERE

April 25 - As you probably have noticed, the format of some of the pages has been altered in an effort to make the site more convenient to use and easier to read. Most changes have been made to the home page and the calendar pages starting with May. A number of jump links have been added to facilitate navigation through the longer pages. Please let ye olde webmaster know what you think.

March 15 - The Directory has been expanded to include information about Sacred Circle Dance activities and groups in the Bay Area. Welcome!

March 14 - A sound clip,"Proviknalace Boriana", from Bulgari's first CD is now available for your listening pleasure. Their next CD is should be out soon. Stay tuned to this site for further developments. To see their WebPages CLICK HERE, to hear their music CLICK HERE.

March 1 - The Israeli folk dance listings have been greatly expanded throughout the site, thanks to information supplied by Asha Goldberg. Please send me any other information anent Israeli folk dance venues and events.

March 1 - Things are finally caught up and this site should run as smoothly as it did before ye olde webmaster's computer needed a serious tune-up. "Thank-you for your patience.

February 21 - Yet another sound clip has been added. This one is "Sumerska Rachenitsa" from Zliana Bozanova's CD. To see her Webpage CLICK HERE, to hear her music, CLICK HERE.

January 17 - Another sound clip has been added for your listening pleasure. Provided by the Balkan Band, Sarena Zemya. To listen to "Karaguna" from their latest CD, CLICK HERE.


December 30 - You can now chat with the Webmaster, Paul Bourbin, by clicking on the HumanClick icon located at the bottom of many of the pages in the Website. It looks like this:

November - There is now an Archive of old Bay Area Folk Dance Directory Calendar pages located at: /archive.html. A link is located at Directory's homepage.

November - Maps and directions are now available for some folk dance venues and are located throughout the site. The Group, Venue etc. page has a link at the bottom that will allow you to get a map and directions from and to anywhere in the United States.

July - A companion listserver for this Directory has been added to facilitate fast communication between members of the Bay Area Folk Dance Community. This is a members-only listserver (to prevent spam) and you can join by following the simple instructions to be found on the Directory's homepage.

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