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Taught by Mihai David at 1999 Kolo Festival

Ca la Ses (Kah-Lah-Shehs) is a dance from the region of Moldova and it was learned from Viorel Vatamaniuc, dance researcher and choreographer at Ciprian Porumbescu Ensemble in Suceava.


Music:......Village Dances of Romania Vol. III.

Formation:..Open circle, low hand hold position.


Meas. No introduction.

Part One.

1 ..............Facing center, step R to R (ct. 1), step L behind R (ct. &) step R in place ct. 2, stamp L in place (ct. &).

2 ..............Repeat measure one to Left opposite footwork.

3 ..............Travel to R (LOD) beginning with R seven small stamps R (ct. 1) L (ct. &), R (ct. 2), L (ct. &), R (ct. 1), L (ct. &), R (ct. 2).

4 ..............Diagonal R towards center, lift Left while slightly hopping on R (ct. 1), step L (ct. &) Lift R (ct. 2) cross R in front of L while slightly hopping on L (ct. &). Step back with L (ct. 1) and Stamp two times with R next to L (ct. &).

Repeat dance from beginning, 7 or 8 times till music ends.